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We investigate fraud with use of cutting edge technology. We coordinate the efforts with our international contacts, lawyers, investigators, regulatory agencies, government agencies, public and private institutions.

All this in order help our clients recover their funds from online scammers and cyber criminals.

Our recovery team has helped hundreds of victims to reclaim lost funds. We have a wide client base, extending across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South and North America. 

Since our establishment, Trader Defense Advisory has quickly become the industry’s pacemaker. We track down criminals with cyber investigations  to recover the funds.  We work hand in hand with victims, regulators and law enforcement agencies to bring justice to thousands of victims.

We have successfully worked and built strong relations with many banks around the world. Consequently, we’ve recovered a lot of money in disputed cases for our clients and put it back in their account.

In the News

“Trader Defense Advisory is cracking down on online fraudsters and scammers whose misdeeds have previously passed under the radar unchecked and forgotten.”

“Tesla CEO and high-profile Bitcoin investor Elon Musk can be a target of crypto scammers, the services of Trader Defense Advisory are in high demand.”

“Trader Defense Advisory Urges Consumers to Take a Stand against Scam Brokers. It reports that a majority of clients remain in denial.”

Our Mission - Your Money Back!

The mission of Trader Defense Advisory is to service each victim’s claim with the greatest passion and vigor as though we ourselves have fallen victim to a cyber crime. 

We strive for our company to be as efficient as possible in order to pass savings to victims of online fraud.  We do this by automating many parts of our investigations.

Most consumers dealing with financial losses tend to have minimal options in dispute mediation cases.  Trader Defense Advisory can help you solve that problem!


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    Our Expertise

    At Trader Defense Advisory, we have a team of experienced specialist and advisors from various professional backgrounds. They have successfully dealt with cases in the regulatory, finance, fund recovery, and banking industries, providing incomparable performances and outcomes.

    Besides, our experts have vast working knowledge in cryptocurrency transactions, chargebacks, and bank wire recall. They leverage their expertise to submit your case to your bank professionally and effectively. Thus, maximizing the chances of our clients recovering their funds successfully.

    More importantly, our experts understand that each online scam case is unique, which is why they offer personalized services to our clients. They also give you legal advice every step of the way until the problem is resolved and you recover your money!

    Our Blogs

    Corporate Culture

    Transparency and knowledge are at the centre of TDA’s business ethics. We aim to offer exceptional services to our clients, which is supported by phenomenal experience of disputed charges, debit order reversals, cardholder disputes, cryptocurrency transfers, bank wire recalls, as well as chargebacks. Besides, you’ll regularly find our expert advisors giving their opinion in various news organizations worldwide because of our international standings.


    Consumers experience difficulties and distractions when they’re involved in transaction dispute cases. This usually happens when the consumer don’t know his debit or credit card rights. Therefore, after reviewing your case, we begin by informing you about your rights in order to  help you take the next step.

    If you decide to dispute the transaction, paid with cryptocurrency, bank wire, credit card, or debit card, we have the expertise, knowledge, tools, and resources to tackle your case.

    How else can we help you?

    Did you make significant losses trading online because of bad advice from your account manager? Or are you unable to withdraw your money from an online trading site unless you pay suspicious fees!

    You’re probably in the middle of an online trading scam! Let’s step in and offer you a helping hand! We’re the go-to money recovery experts! 

    Unlike most fund recovery services out there; we always keep our clients in the loop during the fund recovery process. We provide transparency during the whole process and encourage you to check out our registration details or meet with us in person. Our services are straightforward and deliver results! 

    We will try to help you as much as we can to get the funds back. We are ranked among the best fund recovery specialists in the world.

    Don’t let online scammers ruin your financial security and health! We have multiple solutions, tools, and resources that can help us reverse your transactions.

    File a complaint with our team, and let’s try to get the money back for you today!

    Our Services

    Scam Recovery Services

    Trader Defense Advisory helps anyone who has lost their money through an online scam, particularly when it comes to financial trading and investment. 

    Two types of online trading platforms are known; One is non-regulated and the other is regulated. What you may not know is that most platforms you see online are non-regulated. 

    What does this mean? Simple! Such platforms are scams! 

    However, these platforms look so genuine that they can easily convince you that they’re placing a trade for you, yet they cannot make any trades. 

    Lucky for you, we know most non-regulated brokers and understand how they undertake their operations. Best of all, we see the credit and banks that these companies use. Also, in most cases, we can access the owners and directors of these companies.

    Therefore, we can contact the scammers directly, even before we reach out to the relevant authorities. Those scammers are afraid of Trader Defense Advisory since they know what our experts are capable of. Besides, considering that they don’t want their crimes to be exposed, they opt to release the scammed money in a settlement! 

    Before you try to get your money back, we recommend that you don’t inform the scammer that you’re into them! Instead, reach out to Trader Defense Advisory experts for their scam recovery services.

    Crypto Scams

    Crypto is a form of digital currency that was created to act as an exchange medium. It’s also used to protect financial transactions, authenticate assets’ transfer, and administer additional units’ development.

    The most popular and widely traded cryptocurrency is bitcoin, with Ethereum being the 2nd most popular crypto. Up to date, bitcoin’s trade volume is more than $31.91 billion.

    As cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, scams around them are also increasing every day. Most scammers use fake altcoins to scam crypto traders, especially beginners, by claiming they’re better than bitcoins. To add icing to the cake, they promise the customers that the fake altcoin’s value will increase massively in the future.

    Thinking it’s a great investment opportunity, you trade your bitcoins for the fake crypto. Before you know it, you’ve been scammed!

    That’s not the only technique they use, though! Other crypto scammers use the traditional Ponzi schemes, AI technology, and many other methods!

    Forex Scams

    Considering that the FX market trades about $5 trillion every day, it’s the most significant financial market in the entire world. So, it’s not surprising that you can either lose or gain substantial wealth in the FX market in just a limited time-frame.

    However, with 24-hour trading and instant online trading, the FX market has become a haven for many online scammers. As such, the number of illegitimate FX trading and brokerage companies targeting investors is always on the rise.

    Most of these scammers start by asking for an insignificant deposit, usually about $250. Subsequently, they allow you to start placing trades, and your account grows to almost $1,500 or so after 1 or 2 weeks.

    It is really an easy way to make money. That is what most people think, without realizing that they’re about to get scammed! 

    These brokers convince people to deposit more money before they make their first withdrawal. Thinking you’ll make more money, you become a victim of their scams. Just like that!

    CFD Scams

    CFD is derived from the phrase ‘Trading Contracts for Difference.’ Through CFDs, you can gamble on whether the fast-moving financial currencies’ prices will fall or rise to trade on the global financial markets.

    Scammers convince potential investors to join their online trading sites by running forceful online ads. They promise to make you a millionaire after trading for only 2 hours per day.

     If you fall into their trap and sign up with these non-regulated brokers, you certainly lose your money! Worse of all, some regions do not have CFD regulations. For that reason, recovering funds lost through CFD scams becomes even more complicated.

    Other Scams

    In addition to those three scams, there are many other online scams. Besides, scammers are always coming up with new styles of scamming people online every day. So, if you suspect you’re being scammed in any way, contact Trader Defense Advisory experts for assistance. Some of these scams include;

    • Coronavirus refunds
    • Romance scams
    • Celebrity scams
    • Hacking
    • Pet scams
    • IRS and social security scams
    • Holiday and vacation scams
    • Foreign student visa scams
    • Online pharmacy scams
    • Binary options scams
    • Grandparent scams
    • Medical malpractice lawsuits
    • Gift card scams
    • Flight refunds
    • Fake securities regulators

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    Consultation Services

    Trader Defense Advisory has successfully dealt with several scam cases from all over the world. We offer consultation services to everyone who has fallen victim to online scams and potential investors. Over the years, we are trying protected thousands of potential investors from being scammed by online scammers. 

    We also advise potential investors to consult us before you make any trade or investment online! That way, you’ll be able to know whether the ‘online broker’ you’re dealing with is legit or not! That way, you’ll be protected from frustration as well as victimization. 

    Most people who are trading online today are giving their money to brokers who are not making trades! Could you not become one of them? 

    Through our services, we’ll tell you which companies are fraudulent and unreliable and the ones that are legit and trustworthy! 

    Chargeback Services

    Suppose you use your credit/ debit card for payments or purchases online. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that you’re protected both by Mastercard/ Visa international dispute resolution regulations and local guidelines. Moreover, most financial institutions have set up TCF (Treating Clients Fairly) regulations that protect users from online scammers.

    This process of reversing any transaction done through a debit or credit card is known as ‘chargebacks.’ While some cardholders know that they can challenge an unauthorized/ unapproved transaction with their bank, some are not aware.

    One issue with chargebacks, though, is that they involve multiple complex and challenging processes. Not to forget that most cases result in lost chargebacks, usually because the claim was wrong or uninformed.

    Thankfully, we understand the correct case type and different chargeback rights that should be raised around your case to win your chargeback. 

    Our team comprises experienced experts who have handled many chargeback cases. They have also mastered the chargeback guidelines, and they can successfully work with financial authorities to represent cardholders and recover their funds.

    Our Products

    Trader Defense Advisory is a unique online resource established to obtain justice for victims of online investment scams. We are an online hub for getting legal advice, making personal case assessments, and making financial recovery strategies to help you get help when banks and other regulatory authorities are letting you down.

    Our hard-working team of professionals specializing in consumer rights, investment practices, law, credit card schemes, and cryptocurrency markets offers online consultations and scam reporting services to bring justice to the world of online investment.

    Trader Defense Advisory aims to bring your legal battle the most robust legal advice, strategies, and solutions tailored to each customer’s financial and personal circumstances. We harness our collective knowledge and insight to bring you the aid you need.

    Fund Recovery Process

    Trader Defense Advisory ensures that scam victims get back their money. However, the process of fund recovery itself is not that simple. Some of the techniques that help victims recover their money include; private class lawsuits, receiverships, disgorgement and adequate funds, corporate bankruptcy dealings, and brokerage trading account customer protections. 

    To arrive at any of this and many other real solution-based strategies, there are various steps that each online scam case goes through. These steps are:

    • File a complaint: Clients contact us through phone or mail to file a complaint about their online trading scam. When you get us through the mail, try to include all the details to keep our experts informed when making their first call.
    • Case Assessment: After receiving your case, our experts review it to determine whether it’s worth pursuing or not. For instance, if our experts have low chances of winning the case, we may not take it. That’s why we have won most of our issues so far! 
    • Choose a strategy: Depending on the case, there are so many techniques that our team can employ to ensure your issue is resolved successfully. For instance, our professional lawyers can confront the credit card company for you and the processing company if we are involved. Also, they can send well-detailed information to the bank or the bank’s authority, if necessary. 
    • Take action: without clients’ input, we gather all the relevant proof and information to develop a case. Afterward, we directly contact the scammer and their bank to try and get your money back.
    • Patience is key: Every case is unique, with some being more complex than the others. Moreover, some cases might involve various financial authorities. For that reason, the time taken to resolve an issue varies from one case to the other. We advise our clients to be since a chance can take about one to six months to be determined. 
    • The issue is resolved: After following up with the problem, we eventually get answers from the relevant financial authorities and reach an agreement.
    • Money Recovered: Regardless of how complicated your case is, one thing is for sure; at Trader Defense Advisory, we do our best to try and get your money back! This can be through a signed agreement, recall, or chargeback. Either way, you’ll get your scammed money back in your account, and Trader Defense Advisory receives a small commission for the incredible services. A win-win solution for everyone, expect the online scammer!

    Report a Scam

    Are you a victim of an online trading fraud? Don’t let the online scammer get away with it like that!

    Please make sure you get justice by reporting them to the relevant authorities. That way, you’ll be able to protect other consumers from falling into the same trap.

    Where can you report online trading scams?

    When filing the complaint, make sure you provide as many details as possible, regardless of how insignificant they seem. This can include addresses and names of the involved financial institutions. In case you receive any threats for reporting a scam, don’t hesitate to inform your local police authorities.

    Steps to Report a Scam

    To ensure you report an online trading scam properly, follow these simple steps;

    • Gather any proof and information about the scam and then save it in a particular folder on your computer or phone. This includes scammers’ email correspondence, social media conversations, names of the online scammers, scam companies, and credit card and bank records with the dates and transfer amounts. 
    • Choose your region or country.
    • File your complaint with the relevant regulatory agencies in your jurisdiction or country. You can also file the complaint with the regulatory body that licenses the broker. Moreover, if you know the online scammer location, list it in your complaint with the regulatory body.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many times, complex cases require professional assistance in order to recover your funds.  The reason is because the institutions involved in the money transfers do not take their share of the responsibility.  With the correct pressure, they will!

    Each case is unique and each case involves human decisions amongst a myriad of variables.  Probability and chance can be calculated – but the war MUST be fought to recovery any funds.  As a policy, we do not take on cases that we do not believe in.  

    Like in a complex court procedure, most cases take months to resolve. There are many critical steps involved when addressing the relevant entities.  As a result, there are initial fees associated with these professional, fund recovery efforts.  The costs can differ.

    Talk to our specialists and we will help you to determine the best way to advance your case.  Time is of the essence.  In most cases, delays at any stage have negative consequences.  If you are serious about getting your money back – let’s get your case started!