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About Trader Defense Advisory

Trader Defense Advisory was established for one purpose-: 

To Obtain Justice For Victims of Online Investment Crime

There is no greater justice than fund recovery.

This fundamental purpose drives our team towards the successful outcome of every one of our clients’ cases.  Each case is a battle and each case demands the strongest advocacy.  Trader Defense Advisory harnesses its knowledge and directs it to aid our clients. 

Our team consists of professionals specializing in consumer rights, investment practices and law, credit card schemes and crypto currency market technology.   

Trader Defense Advisory is a unique resource online that offers
real solution based strategies to the victims of fraudulent brokerages.  In general, the institutions that should help these individuals (banks, regulatory authorities, ombudsman, et) do not the requisite authority or the tools required to reverse the transactions and help the victims.  As a result, Trader Defense Advisory was born.

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Get to Know Us - Trader Defense Advisory

Individuals who come to Trader Defense Advisory come from all sorts of backgrounds – but have one common denominator.  Until they met us, they lacked a fundamental education of the vicious greed present in the online marketplace of trading and investments.

They failed to realize how dangerous this specific domain is due to the greed and corruption which drives this industry from behind the scenes.  They were unaware and unable to distinguish between safe investments and criminal entities dedicated to financial destitution of their “investors.” 

Those individuals taken advantage of online trading scams require real, solution-based assistance.  Trader Defense Advisory provides the best methods it can to recover as much money as possible. 

When it comes down to it – our success and growth is contingent on your recovery.  As a team, we advance our clients cases to achieve the maximum justice and the return of our clients’ financial balance.  Too much has been taken from them, and we help them fight back.