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AroTrade is a broker that offers a variety of investment assets, including various types of cryptocurrencies with a selection of different accounts. However, it should be noted that, while it is not necessarily that case that AroTrade is a scam, it is an offshore broker.

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AroTrade: An Overview

The first thing potential traders should know that AroTrade has a license, but it is not of a very high standard. AroTrade is owned by Speed Solutions which is licensed by the International Financial Securities Commission or IFSC in Belize. 

Although the IFSC in Belize is more highly rated than Seychelles or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines where many scam brokers are located, it is still quite lenient, and virtually any broker can be licensed by the IFSC. To make it even more complicated, AroTrades transactions are handled in Speed PA LTD in Bulgaria. 

Outsourcing is fine for many businesses. However, outsourcing regarding licensing is not the practice of a legit broker. This does not mean AroTrade is a scam necessarily, but brokers who want to ensure their money is safe should deal only with brokers licensed in regions with high standards for security and comply with regulations that protect the customer.

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Is AroTrade a Scam

Ontega wants to give the impression that it is licensed, but legally, it is only regulated for clients in its area. It does not take clients from the United States, but it is not licensed to deal with clients in most other areas of the world either. Currently, they get most of their views from the Democratic Republic of Congo (75%) and mostly deal with clients outside of the United States and Europe. 

The company is so eager to seem like a CySec regulated broker and listed a company called Rehoboth as a payment processor, which is located in Cyprus, but on further investigation, Rehoboth is not listed as a Cypriot Investment firm. 

Aside from the fact that Ontega is not regulated, there are also some complaints about Ontega and somem indication that it is unscrupulous in the way it deals with clients’ money. 

There are complaints that Ontega does nto release funds promptly to clients and often avoids communication about serious issues.  Ontega has not yet been censured or warned by a regulatory body, but since it falsely appears to be licensed, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ontega receives a warning at some point. 

AroTrade: Scam Warning Sign

AroTrade does not have the highest level of licensing, and it is an offshore broker. The  IFSC in Belize has higher standards than those used by most scam brokers and seems to have transparency about types of accounts and fees. 

However, the multiplicity of negative reviews reveal that AroTrade is not safe, because it has a tendency to pressure traders to make specific trades, deposit more money, and makes excuses to avoid providing requested money to the customer. Therefore, as with many offshore brokers with high leverage, it is best to stay away. 

Unfortunately, AroTrade is another broker that looks professional upfront, with a decent website, a few positive comments,  and some educational tools that can help traders. This can lead visitors to believe that AroTrade is a legitimate broker. 

However, as with many offshore brokers, AroTrade has high leverage, pressures its customers and is slow to withdraw money for clients. 


These and other behaviors are signs of an unscrupulous broker. Some unethical activities include:

  • Broker freezing an account for no reason
  • Broker prevents clients from withdrawing money
  • Unregulated brokers or those with misleading licensing
  • Aggressive sales tactics
  • Making log-ins difficult
  • Locking clients out of their accounts
  • Lack of communication
  • Money missing without any explanation 
  • Unauthorized withdrawals from client bank accounts
  • Broker website has disappeared
  • Broker offers large sums as compensation for losses

Been Scammed by this Broker?
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