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There is nothing clear about ClearingFalcon. If you want to find out more details, we can tell you that Clearingfalcon is the example of a broker you want to avoid—one that seems like a shady, fly-by-night operation with almost no information on the website. That is probably because it has a lot to hide.

Have you lost money with ClearingFalcon? Perhaps they asked you to wire a large deposit halfway across the world and then provided no broker services? Perhaps they made a few trades that lost and urged you to try again? Trader Defense Advisory can help you out of this situation and can provide the information and guidance you need.

Online scam brokers are becoming so adept at imitating the real deal that nowadays, virtually anyone can be a target, from first-time traders to investing experts. You don’t need to suffer in silence; Trader Defense Advisory experts can gather information, investigate your case, and put the process in motion to make retrieving your funds easier.

In some cases, it is worth it to give the benefit of the doubt before declaring a broker a complete fraud, but the inadequate website, lack of licensing, and disturbing broker reviews should tell anyone to steer clear of ClearingFalcom.

Broker Data

Too Many Missing Pieces

Many scam brokers try to present a polished exterior to lure potential clients in. However, ClearingFalcon doesn’t seem to put much effort even into appearances. Its website contains no contact information, no phone number, no address. 

We managed to discover ClearingFalcon at least claims to be based in the UK, but a search for the name yielded only an educational support company with that name in the UK. Worst of all, ClearingFalcon breaks the first rule of any broker–it is not regulated. 

Some fraudulent financial services companies have unimpressive licenses, but ClearingFalcon is not registered at all. We checked it out with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and discovered that the FCA had no listing for ClearingFalcon. Given what we found out in the reviews, we are surprised it isn’t immediately on a regulator’s blacklist, but it soon will be. 

The absence of a license should be enough to stop any potential client in their tracks. Never sign up with a broker that does not have a reliable and current license. But it gets worse. There is virtually no information at all on the site about the spread, deposit minimums, or fees for withdrawal or payment methods. 

When it comes to brokers, no news is bad news. A reputable broker should keep clients informed of requirements, how trades are done, payment and withdrawal rules. They should be regulated and have clear terms of conditions to read and sign. A broker should also have contact information, an About Us page and some indication of the broker’s history.

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What to Look for in a Broker

ClearingFalcon is a test case on what a broker should NOT do. When you are looking for a trading opportunity and are researching brokers, look for the following: 

  • Up to date license from a reputable broker
  • A contact page with an address and telephone number
  • An About Us page that lets you know the broker’s history
  • A clear introduction to what kind of trading the broker does and their philosophy
  • Clearly stated minimum deposit, withdrawal fees, and terms and conditions
  • Conventional payment methods, such as a credit card or bank transfer
  • Clear communication and a willingness to answer questions

Scam Broker Methods

Scam brokers like ClearingFalcon may have their own favorite methods of cheating people, but some of them have favorite methods. Some will string clients along, let them win a little bit, encourage them to deposit more into the account, and claim that all of it was lost. They may completely disappear or refuse to allow a withdrawal without a hefty fee. 

Others may swipe money and hope the client won’t notice. This can take the form of making unauthorized transactions or taking extra with phoney fees. The clients may actually believe they are making money on the investment, but with money disappearing in fees, the losses can be greater than the gains.

What ClearingFalcon Does

It is enough of a red flag that ClearingFalcon has no license, no information on their website, and appears not to be a real organization. When people do send them money, they certainly do not receive any kind of return on investment. 

Given what victims of this scam have said about ClearingFalcon, it seems to work by word of mouth on many occasions. That can explain the lack of a professional-looking website because perhaps they don’t feel they need one. 

One victim, we will call X said they were given false information that they were making money on their trades. Only later did X realize the actual trades were going down. When X wanted to withdraw money, they had to pay a large sum into a private banking account. They were not allowed to withdraw money directly, but only through an individual via text. 

One victim said he met a potential romantic partner who told him all about ClearingFalcon. In other words, the scam that trapped him was a Romance scam and a Broker scam. This person told him how wonderful ClearingFalcon was and gave him a phone number. 

The person said that they were told to wire money to a bank in Hong Kong and then received no further information or communication. Fortunately, this man was able to get his money back from his wire transfer through wire tracking. We also discovered that there were many complaints against ClearingFalcon.

What to Do If You Have Been
Scammed by ClearingFalcon?

If you have lost money to ClearingFalcon, don’t give up hope. Consult with our experts at Trader Defense Advisory and we will get the process moving to find the scammers and help you retrieve your funds. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and regulators who crack down on scammers. Talk to us today and we can find solutions for you.