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Making money through online brokers almost seems too good to be true. While there are many reputable and honest broker services available to the masses, there is also a sizeable amount of scam brokers looking to con you out of your savings.

So how can you tell if a service is, in actuality, a scam? And is the online platform cryptobravos a scam or a service?

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Cryptobravos: An Overview

Cryptobravos is an online broker that claims to be based out of Chicago, USA. They have advertised themselves as a crypto trading and cloud mining platform.

This service is currently banned within Canada, and some sources claim that they are currently aiming to become active again in the USA. However, many reviewers have reported them to the police and have even suggested involving the FBI in this case. The British Colombia security commission has also issued a warning against cryptobravos advising British Colombian residents not to trade with them.

Currently, their webpage is down for ‘infrastructure works’ and is inaccessible. Past users are now unable to withdraw any money from the site and report losses of thousands of dollars.

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Is Cryptobravos a scam?

If you search for any reviews on this broker, you will find that most users have rated them negatively. Many of these reviews claim that they have been scammed out of thousands of dollars and can now not get their money back due to the website’s sudden disappearance, contact details, and other traces of the company.

Many of these reviews feature specific names, one 66-year-old claims to have been regularly contacted by phone and email by a ‘Martin Fisher’ before being scammed out of $70000. Many other reviews feature a seemingly friendly man named ‘Adam Laurent’ and warn to stay away from the service as these are all professional criminals. The repetition of names suggests a scam run by an organised team, all using different names and alias’.

However, there are a few positive reviews; the scammers themselves could have written these to boost trust with customers before scamming them. Some of these reviews are claiming that their rival companies are reporting the negative reviews to discredit them.

Cryptobravos: Scam Warning Signs

BCSC(British Columbia) issued a public warning about this broker.

Another scam spotter wrote a report while the site was still active claims that the site’s terms and conditions are all copy-pasted from another broker, with the only differences being the font used and the names. The reporter also claims that the site included a telephone number operated using VOIP and a VPN based in Canada but the dialled number redirects to somewhere in Asia.

One review mentioned a list of telephone numbers from cryptobravos used to harass them after refusing to use their services and persistently called from 18 different phone numbers. Almost all of these numbers had a New York telephone code except for one which was from Jersey City. These were all landlines from multiple areas of New York with no call complaints lodged against them.

The address listed on their website leads you to the offices of Thoma Bravo, an investment firm established by Puerto Rican billionaire Orlando Bravo. This isn’t the location of cryptobravos, so they have provided a fake address to avoid the authorities’ detection.

The unclear location of the business and unavailability of their contacts suggests they are avoiding being located, making the possibility of cryptobravos being a scam very likely. This, along with the company’s unregulated nature and the overwhelming number of negative reviews, means that this is undoubtedly a scam. This is an unregulated and irresponsible broker, you should steer clear from, and if you are a victim of this scam, reach out for legal support.

Spotting a scam broker:

Here are some possible red flags for spotting a scam broker such as cryptobravos:

  • the broker freezing your account
  • blocking your account
  • being unable to log back in
  • money has been taken out from the account without any information
  • the broker isn’t answering your calls
  • the broker shut down
  • their website
  • the broker took money from your bank account without permission
  • the broker is offering a bonus or large sum to make up for losing a large sum

Been Scammed by this Broker?
How can you be helped?

How can Trader Defence Advisory help?

If you have been scammed out of your hard earnings by the cryptobravos scam, then Trader Defence Advisory and their team of legal professionals can help you. You can request a free consultation today or file a report on a broker to get in contact with their legal professionals.

Trader Defence Advisory has marked this broker as a very dangerous scam, with the only positive feature being that cryptobravos is SSL protected. Cryptobravos is a scam that lures people in with pushy sales and big promises only to delay and stop withdrawals with claims of tax fees and other issues.

All other categories used by Trader Defence Advisory to spot possible scam brokers have been negatively marked. There are no upsides to this company with no profile on the Better Business Bureau, a secure site, a lack of regulation, misleading marketing, suspicious terms and conditions, general warnings for questionable content, pushy sales, and bad customer service. This is 100% a scam.