General Questions

Many times, complex cases require professional assistance in order to recover your funds.  The reason is because the institutions involved in the money transfers do not take their share of the responsibility.  With the correct pressure, they will!

Each case is unique and each case involves human decisions amongst a myriad of variables.  Probability and chance can be calculated – but the war MUST be fought to recovery any funds.  As a policy, we do not take on cases that we do not believe in.  

There is no doubt that receiving assistance from professionals can be very helpful.  Most people who contact us have no knowledge in these particular scams and how to clarify to the banks what actually occurred.  If you need to recover your funds – fight with all your might!

TradeDefenseAdvisory’s team is made up of financial professionals who have an expertise in online trading world and the payments eco-system.  In combination, we create the best strategies available to assist individuals in their quest to recover their funds.

Our team has recovered millions of dollars for individuals worldwide – but we never gave any of them a guarantee of success.  Why? Because each case is a fight to be waged – and we guarantee only our total commitment and effort.

Our services help individuals recover their funds.  These individuals transfered their funds via cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets and more.  Sometimes we involve our external legal network to assist as well.  

About our services

Like in a complex court procedure, most cases take months to resolve. There are many critical steps involved when addressing the relevant entities.  As a result, there are initial fees associated with these professional, fund recovery efforts.  The costs can differ.

Talk to our specialists and we will help you to determine the best way to advance your case.  Time is of the essence.  In most cases, delays at any stage have negative consequences.  If you are serious about getting your money back – let’s get your case started!

Generally not.  Due to the investment of resources we put into each case, there are fees involved.  Battling offshore and nonregulated entities can be very complicated – and demand both considerable attention to detail to produce the most positive outcomes possible.