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How Do I Really Know?

Most times, the individuals who are contacting us are still unsure about what happened. 

Online trading scams are one of the most commonplace scams online today.  If done correctly, the “investors” wouldn’t even know something was amiss. 

Trader Defense Advisory assists individuals to clarify what really happened – and if they got scammed, how in fact it happened.

Everyday, we assist individuals to navigate the complications of fund recovery processes by providing its effective solutions. If you have been a victim to an online trading scam, do not let your money go!  Contact our team of financial experts for a consultation today.

Broker Scam That We Identify

The Trader Defense Advisory hears the stories of individuals throughout the world regarding online trading broker scams.
Here are the signs and the common themes we have identified
as the means to rob innocent people. 

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Frequent questions

Wrong.  99% of all day traders will lose more money than they profit over their lifespans.  It is not only difficult to be profitable, its highly stressful and fraught with danger.  And forget about it with scam brokerages – the money is never even invested.

Wrong again.  You never traded and you never lost.  Most likely, if you “invested” in an offshore and nonregulated “brokerage,” you just put money into someone else’s wallet.  Now the question is – how to get it back.

Hopefully, but not always.  Many of the regulated forex brokers online are profiting in ways you can’t even imagine.  They are not your friends – they are only after your money and may greatly benefit from your losses!

No! Most of these “brokerages” are very good at deceiving individuals and taking advantage of those with no experience in the online investment world.  There is nothing to be ashamed about. Hindsight is always 20/20.  Now it’s time to react in the most effective way possible!