Corona Refund Scam

The period of the COVID-19 has been destabilizing for many. To counteract the negative financial effects, governments around the world have offered their citizens stimulus checks and tax refunds to help cover costs of living. Unfortunately, many scams have arisen to take advantage of people who require help. These corona refund scams pretend to be working on behalf of the government and ask for personal data only to rob consumers. 

In this risky environment, you need to stay safe. Trader Defense Advisory experts will help you evaluate whether an opportunity is legit or fake. If you have lost money to a corona refund scam, contact TDA experts who are experienced in dealing with all types of scams and can help you seek redress for your claims.

About Corona Refund Scams

Corona refund scams have a large number of people to target–mainly anyone who is going to receive a corona refund, which is the majority of the population. Casting their net wide, these scammers can catch people who are not well-informed about frauds, are desperate to receive their money fast, and who may not have sufficient protection on their devices. 

There are many ways corona refund scams trick people. They may send emails to people claiming to be from the IRS and ask to verify information immediately. Some frauds masquerade as legitimate tax preparers or they may offer a loan until the tax refund is received. They often phish or try to get the consumer to give information, install spyware or malware or extract fake fees from the victims.

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Types of Corona Refund Scams

The following is a partial list of corona refund scams that are designed to take advantage of people. It is important to be aware of the strategies of these scams to stay safe from them.

Claims to Get Your Money Quicker

Given debts that may have accumulated during the pandemic when unemployment numbers were high, many people are desperate to receive their refunds as quickly as possible. This desperation can make them vulnerable to corona refund scams that promise to help them get their money faster. 

These scams operate by making unrealistic claims and asking for a fee upfront for services. Then they will simply disappear with the money. Others will ask for photo IDs, bank information, or a social security number and will use this data to hack into your accounts.

Fake Tax Preparation

In a similar vein to those who claim to expedite the refund process, some corona refund scams will represent themselves as tax preparation services and will ask for sensitive information, claiming that it is needed to assist with taxes. 

They will then steal the information and perhaps even claim the refund themselves. It is vital to work only with a licensed and regulated tax preparation service or accountant when dealing with sensitive documents. It is not hard to find information about licenses on a secure website of legitimate tax service.

Identity Theft and Claims of Refunds

You may not be confronted with someone offering assistance getting your tax refund sooner or to assist you with your tax return. In fact, you may not realize you have been the victim of a corona refund scam until your refund does not arrive and you look into it only to be told it has been claimed already. 

This is why it is important to keep sensitive documents and data, such as photo IDs, credit card and banking data, and social security numbers in safe places and to avoid sharing them unless you are certain the other party is licensed and legitimate. You may not have been robbed of information online. Some people will go through mail in mailboxes and the trash to get sensitive information they can use to commit identity theft.

Temporary Corona Refund Loans

If people need money fast, they are more vulnerable to scams than those who can wait. To avoid having to wait for a corona tax refund, some consumers may be eagerly seeking loans to help them with rent and bills until they receive their money from the government. Corona refund scams can offer you a loan and either end up stealing from you through the fake fee they charged you upfront or rob you of personal information.

Signs You Have Been the Target of a Corona Refund Scam

You may not realize right away that you have been the target of a corona refund scam. The following may happen to alert you to this fact: 

  • You do not receive your refund
  • You are told the refund has already been claimed
  • Suddenly you find that you can’t log into your bank or payment platform accounts
  • There are unauthorized charges on your credit card or bank statement
  • You are informed that you owe money on a loan you never applied for

Some scam artists are satisfied with simply collecting a fee from unwitting victims while others may rob data and perpetrate full-scale identity theft. You may not be able to trace these issues to the corona refund scam until you retrace your virtual steps and discover where you might have given away personal information. The scam artists could have phished your social security number from you in one of these scams and claimed the refund themselves. 

There may have been an initial contact beyond offering a link. You might have clicked on a link to find out more about the service and without realizing it, installed spyware on your computer. This spyware can take screenshots of your banking information and can even record keystrokes to discover passwords. 

When people have been targeted by corona refund scams, they may feel overwhelmed, angry and hopeless. They may feel that access to their accounts is lost and that they will never receive the funds they need. It is important to report this activity to law enforcement since it is a serious crime. To track down the scam artists and to start the process of recovering your funds, contact Trader Defense Advisory professionals.

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