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When our clients submit their case to us, we examine its merits and establish if and how we can assist.  Based on the communications (emails, phone conversations), the transaction methods utilized, the timeline of the events we will establish how best to advance the case.

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Our Fund Recovery and Investigation Based Solutions

We consult with our clients’ and advise them regarding the fund recovery strategies available to them.  Together, we choose the most suitable methods taking into account their past effectiveness and efficiency.  In this battle, the more coordinated our team is with our clients’ is crucial to reaching our successful goal.

The Visa/MasterCard rules are complex when it comes to chargeback claims.  Many of the common arguments bank employees are familiar with fall on deaf ears when made by individuals who have “invested” and now claim to be “scammed.”  When presented with the right evidence and right arguments, banks will many times be moved to apply the correct customer protective/chargeback rights.  As individuals only have one chance to make a chargeback claim, it is paramount to have professional assistance in attempts to formulate the most convincing case possible.

Knowledge of corporate and banking structures of scam investment brokerages are more significant than most individuals realize.  Fund recovery efforts involve precise and significant pressure upon institutions which share responsibility in the criminal activity.  As a result, we have acquired technology and personnel capable of revealing the information these offshore entities wish to remain hidden. This comes into great use when then exacting a fund recovery effort.  Without this information, there are no clues or individuals to address directly.  Our team has built an extraordinary database of networks which have been utilized and sought after by international private investigation firms.

It is important to us that we educate our clients so that their fight can be waged in the most effective fashion.  
To advance your case in order to recover your money – our team will request specific information.

When wire transfers are made between banks are commonly understood as permanent, however, are many times reversible. Based on the time of the transaction, the knowledge of the institutions of the beneficiary and the jurisdictions of the sender and/or receiver – banks are willing to compensate victims.  They may do so by debiting the receiving bank account or by themselves make good-will gestures.  Whatever the case is, nothing will be done without the correct employment of pressure upon the institutions involved in the transaction.

As opposed to credit card transactions and bank wire transfers, crypto currency transactions are anonymous.  The impetus of their popular usage is based upon this fact.  Therefore, over the years, our team has sought out the solutions necessary for detecting the identities of those involved in the the final exchange (where your bitcoin returned to USD/EUR, etc) and who benefited from it.  As such, catching the criminal red-handed is something he/she never would expect and gives a tremendous advantage to the victims’ successful fund recovery effort.