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Initiating a Chase (USA) Chargeback Today

Chargeback processes appear straightforward and simple, but it’s a collection of steps involving various stakeholders.

About Chase Chargeback:

In the United States, incorrect or inaccurate information results in a denied Chase chargeback. You will get only one single chance to submit a chargeback. Always ensure your data is a hundred percent accurate.

In this article, we will inform you about-

  • Participants in a
  • Chargeback Process
  • The Customer or
  • Cardholder
  • The Merchant
  • Issuing Bank
  • Acquiring Bank
  • Card Company

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The Customer or Cardholder

A cardholder is one owning a bank card that is used in a transaction under dispute. A customer is one directly involved or taking part in any transaction. In general, the customer and cardholder are the same. However, it will not always be the case.

The Merchant

A merchant is a company or an individual responsible for selling a service or a product to a customer. If a Chase chargeback dispute arises, the merchant will be notified and accept the made a claim or disputed the claim.

Issuing Bank

This is the financial institution or bank that gave the cardholder a card.

Acquiring Bank

This is the financial institution or bank holding a merchant’s account, accepting debit and credit card payments and transactions.

Card Company

This is an organisation owning and supplying credit cards. Credit card companies determine terms & conditions related to a card’s transaction conducted by the bank in charge of the issued card. Some of the prominent companies producing credit cards are Discover, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

Filing a Chargeback

The process is quite complicated than it seems. Firstly, any presented information should be factual, accurate, and follow all of Chase’s rules & regulations. To initiate the process, follow only seven steps:

  1. As the customer, initiate the chase dispute request on the transaction in question.
  2. The issuing bank will review the chase dispute and subsequently sends or transmits the transaction electronically to the merchant’s acquiring financial institution.
  3. The chargeback request will be received at the merchant’s acquiring bank, and it will either forward the issue to the involved merchant or resolve it automatically.
  4. The merchant will either accept or reject your chargeback request. All transaction evidence will be sent to their acquiring financial institution.
  5. Acquiring bank will review the evidence and check if all requirements were met before sending them to the issuing financial institution.
  6. The issuing bank will review received evidence, then proceed to deciding on your chargeback request
  7. The merchant and cardholder will be notified of the decision settled for, and either party will start an arbitration if they disagree.

Period for Filing a Chargeback

The time limit for a chargeback is dependent on the card’s company terms & conditions. In general, the cardholder ought to advise Chase within a period of a hundred and twenty (120) days from the actual transaction date. However, with some card companies, the cases will extend to about five hundred and forty (540) days. For your chargeback to be successful, file promptly, ensuring your request has the Name of the Bank.

Chase Chargeback Fee

Before initiating a chargeback, most people always ask what the chargeback fee is. There ought to be no fees charged when raising chargeback disputes. The chargeback dispute is a service in the terms & conditions of a contract between card companies and cardholders.

The process is technical and complicated, making most people contract a fund recovery company to file their chargebacks for them.

The Chargeback Period

The chargeback process; filing for refund can be between 3 to 6 months. This is more dependent on chargeback codes linked to the transaction dispute. Merchants and card companies have different time limits.

Raising a Chargeback Successfully

Some of the steps to increase chances for a successful chargeback:

Chase Advise

The chargeback ought to be filed as fast as possible to increase the success chances. If the request has met the set criteria, it will promptly fix the situation before you know it.

Understanding the Chargeback Process

This is a process guided by clear guidelines: documentation, chargeback codes, and deadlines. Before submitting the request, make sure you clearly understand all set requirements by card companies and Chase.

Maintaining Accurate Records

Ensure your full knowledge of your card company’s precise documentation guidelines regarding providing chargeback evidence. If the evidence you provided doesn’t conform to the set requirements, the chances for a successful chargeback will be meagre.

Understanding the Chargeback Codes

Every chargeback request has a request code. Always ensure the correct chargeback code is added to your chargeback request so that the request isn’t denied. Your chargeback documentation and 100 percent accurate chargeback codes ensure your request successfully sails through.

Be Creative

Every chargeback dispute will require a letter with precise details on the request. Have an understanding of the tone and language used in such letters to increase success chances.

Understanding Set Regulations

The documentation requirements are unique to every organisation since it’s an unstandardised industry. If the conditions are not followed, the request may be declined before involved parties review them.


The above chargeback process is a simple model on the working principle of the process. Distinct variables are applied to every case. Thus, it’s essential to understand everything presented to Chase and the set rules.

When dealing with huge sums, consider hiring professional firms who understand the process so that you can increase your success chances. Conduct background checks on the company to confirm its success record. Also, check reviews online.

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