How to Report a Crypto Scam

The era of cryptocurrency began with Bitcoin, and since then, many other types of digital currencies, such as ethereum and Litecoin have evolved. With the increase in the number of cryptocurrencies, crypto scams have also grown. If you have lost money in one of these frauds, it is important to report a crypto scam right away. 

Trader Defense Advisory has a team that has extensive training in dealing with cryptocurrency fraud. We help clients report a crypto scam and we are able to create a case and advocate for our clients. We have the skills, expertise, and tools to uncover those who try to hide on the blockchain and can unmask scammers who have evaded redress in the past.

Gather Information

Since crypto scams take place online, it is easy to have a digital trail of communication and other interactions with fraudulent parties. When you report a crypto scam, be sure to gather the following documents: 

  • Email communication
  • Signed contracts
  • Statements and transaction reports
  • Recorded audio messages

The more information you provide, the more well-rounded your report will be. It can be easier to track down fraudulent parties if there are more clues in the form of information provided. It is also helpful if you have the original screenshot of web pages and all of the addresses and names provided by the other party.

Schedule a Consultation

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Deal With a Reliable Agency

After you report a crypto scam, do not just leave the case alone, but enlist the aid of a fund recovery agency, such as Trader Defense Advisory.  Our team’s combined expertise has the training and technology to unmask crypto scams.

The conventional wisdom is that cryptocurrency is anonymous. However, those with expertise are able to track down crypto scammers and locate clients’ funds. Our team has been successful in getting restitution for many of our clients.

Maintain Communication

Once your report a crypto scam, it is unlikely the perpetrators of the fraud will be caught overnight, but it may take time. However, the process can go more smoothly and have a greater likelihood of success if you continue communicating and providing information to your fund recovery agency and regulatory authorities.

If You Are a Victim of a Crypto Scam, Talk to Us Today!

If you have lost your money in a crypto scam, talk to our experts today. We can help you report a crypto scam,  build your case, and will serve as your advocates throughout the fund recovery process. Consult with our experts and let us take help you seek restitution and lead you on the path toward recovering your funds.