Types of Fund Recovery

For those who have lost money in a forex trader scam, crypto scam or another form of fraud, the notion of fund recovery can seem like salvation. Although there is no guarantee that a client’s money can be 100% recovered from a scam, fund recovery services such as Trader Defense Advisory can greatly improve your chances of tracking down the scams, resolving a broker dispute and getting money back. 

There are various methods of fund recovery that service tends to use. These include:

  • Wire recall
  • Credit card chargeback
  • Crypto recovery
  • Intelligence reports
  • Crypto reports

The type of fund recovery that is used depends on the method of payment the client used, the type of scam or dispute involved, and the phase of the process. 

Trader Defense Advisory experts will help you evaluate whether an opportunity is legit or fake. If you have lost money to a scam, contact TDA experts who are experienced in dealing with all types of scams and can help you seek justice after a forex trading scam, bitcoin scam, or broker dispute.

Wire Recall

A wire recall is needed when the money was transferred from the client to the alleged scam through a bank transfer. Once the person realizes the other party is a fraud, they may be able to negotiate with the bank to get a fraud freeze placed on the transfer. Obviously, this must occur very early in the process to be effective.

Also, it is not easy to persuade banks to put a fraud freeze on a transfer. They must have some evidence that the other party is fraudulent. This can be hard to prove in such a short amount of time. However, since Trader Defense Advisory works so often tracking down scams, they may be able to provide this evidence.

Even if the wire transfer has already gone through, fund recovery services can work on getting a refund. This requires investigation into the scam, collecting evidence, and providing an argument to the bank that the person who made the transfer was defrauded and that the money should be returned.

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A chargeback is simply refunding a credit card charge. It happens every time we return an item and the credit is put back on the card. Many people believe the merchant does this or even the credit card company, but in reality, it is the job and the decision of the issuing bank, the bank that issues to credit card, whether or not to make a chargeback. 

In cases where a customer has reported a card missing or stolen and there are nonetheless charges on it starting from the time after the customer made the report, the issuing bank is usually happy to make the chargeback. 

However, if the customer has authorized the charges, a negotiation may ensue. A fund recovery service is essential during this process, during which the issuing bank will need to be persuaded that the customer made the charges under false pretenses before reversing the charges. The chargeback process can be complex, but it often does result in success.

Crypto Recovery

One reason many fraudsters like to get into crypto scams is that they believe that all transactions that occur over the blockchain can be detected. Although transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can’t be reversed, they are often not attached to names. However, fund recovery experts have methods and technology that allow them to track down scammers who try to hide in the blockchain. 

Crypto scams are among the most ubiquitous and versatile. People often try to phish information on social media so they can steal bitcoin. There are also fake crypto wallets installed with malware that can lift customers’ digital coins. Crypto recovery can be a challenge but it is possible. TDA can report a number of success stories in this area.

Intelligence Reports and Crypto Reports

The purpose of intelligence reports is to bolster fund recovery efforts. Often money is lost to scams because the fraudsters have disappeared leaving few clues the consumer can track down. Fund recovery experts take the information provided by the client and do their own research to put together intelligence reports that can help authorities track down the culprits. 

The role the client plays in this process is to provide all of the information they can. This can involve texts, emails, screenshots of the website, and even audio messages. There can be website copy, terms and conditions, contracts signed, and other information that can help the fund recovery experts launch an investigation. 

It is important to provide any information available. Fraudsters tend to engage in more than one type of scam and they can often use similar language or statistics. These quirks can help fund recovery services track them faster. 

The creation of intelligence reports and crypto reports begins with a consultation during which the client will describe what happened and report any details they can remember. They will provide supporting documents and the expert will conduct their own investigation and draft an intelligence report or crypto report.

Regardless of which type of fund recovery method you require, it is important to be realistic about the results. No service can absolutely guarantee complete fund recovery, but with patience, enough information, and the help of professionals, fund recovery can take less time than expected and yield successful results. 

It is essential for clients to be open to provide any additional information that may be needed throughout the fund recovery process. Also, choose experts with a track record of success and a team of seasoned professionals in the fund recovery field.

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