What Fund Recovery Services Can Do for You

Credit card theft, cryptocurrency scams, uncooperative brokers, and disputes with online merchants are all situations that may call for fund recovery services. Once you make a purchase on a credit card or sign up with a broker for a trade, you have lost much of your control over your funds.

However, if you are dissatisfied with a purchase or feel you have been the target of a scam, fund recovery services can help you get your money back again. If you feel that your funds have been taken by an unscrupulous party or you feel you are entitled to a refund, it is important to fight for your rights.

Our experts at Trader Defense Advisory can advocate for you, examine your case, and can greatly improve the chances of getting your funds back. We can produce fund recovery reports and launch investigations to help you recover your funds.

Scams are Everywhere

The unfortunate reality of the digital age is that scams are all around us. Whether they are forex and crypto scams, romance scams or credit card fraud, it is clear that there are unscrupulous people after our data and our cash. The average person is confronted by thousands of advertisements every day and a large number of these are fraudulent. It can be hard to distinguish what is legit and what is a scam.

As advanced technology becomes available to the average person, those who would perpetrate frauds from their couches have the ability to seem like actual brokers or investment gurus. Social media has provided scammers with more people to take advantage of.

In addition, more people are looking for quick ways to make money. This makes them vulnerable to trading and investment scams. As world economies struggle and companies lay people off, many become attracted to the idea of making money trading and not having to look for a new job. Fund recovery investigations can track these scammers down and stop them from taking advantage of people.

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What Are Fund Recovery Services?

Fund recovery services provide information, support, advocacy, and solutions for people who are trying to get their money back from merchants, brokers or fraudulent parties. They use their expertise to produce fund recovery reports and inform people of possible scams.

For instance, Trader Defense Advisory has a thorough collection of reviews of brokers so potential traders can check out a financial services company before signing up. In addition, we perform fund recovery investigations to assist those who have been targeted by scams.

Fund recovery services companies have the experience and qualifications to deal efficiently with regulators, financial service providers, and legal authorities. They are trained at tracking down fraudulent activity and are well-versed in the methodology of scammers. In addition, they have advanced data tracking tools to find those responsible for the fraud even if they attempt to disguise their identity.

About Chargebacks

Chargebacks are reverse transactions. When you buy something with a credit card, the money goes to the merchant. A chargeback reverses this process. The same principle applies to a reverse wire transfer, which is a refund of something that was paid for by a bank transfer. Your card or account is credited in either case.

The principle is the same as a merchant giving you a refund of an item you purchased by credit card or if your card is credited for transactions that were made after the card was reported stolen. The actual chargeback is not hard to execute, but there is often controversy over whether a chargeback should be made or not.

This is where fund recovery services can help. Those of us who have reported a credit card stolen and have received refunds for purchases may not have had difficulty obtaining a chargeback. Credit card companies are eager to retain their customers and often refund charges that were made on a stolen card.

However, the situation can become more complicated if your credit card information was stolen and you did not report it or if a merchant will not make a refund you feel is appropriate. Other difficulties can occur when you signed terms and conditions that and authorized a transaction for a company or broker that turned out to be a scam.

If transactions are authorized but the company is fraudulent, the credit card company or bank may not be able to assist you themselves, and it is essential to use fund recovery services. These experts can create fund recovery reports that describe the incident and can build a victim’s case.

Credit Card Disputes

A credit card dispute can be complicated and it is difficult to resolve the issue yourself without the advocacy of fund recovery services. These disputes arise when you purchased something from a merchant and you either didn’t receive it or it was in poor condition. 

If you demand a refund and the merchant simply doesn’t want to refund the money to your card, you will need fund recovery services to help you negotiate between the credit card’s bank and the merchant’s bank. This can take a while, but cases often are resolved in the customer’s favor. With thorough fund recovery reports, the chances of success are greater.

Credit Card Scam

Credit card scam involves someone stealing your credit card number and making unauthorized transactions. As mentioned above, credit card companies and their issuing banks often refund these transactions if the card was reported as stolen, but there is often a time limit for reporting this. 

A more complex form of credit card scam is full identity theft when someone else applies for a credit card in your name and starts to use it. You may try to cancel charges and ask for a chargeback, but someone else has control of your account. Legal authorities and fund recovery services must be involved in these cases. A fund recovery investigation will also be done to find the source of the scam

Fund Recovery Investigations

Broker and Regulator reviews, such as those that can be found on Trader Defense Advisory’s website, are helpful to read before signing up with a broker. Fund recovery investigations are needed if the broker is found to have been fraudulent.

Trader Defense Advisory talks to the client and gets a full picture of what happened, who was involved and how the fraud was perpetrated. They ask for full documentation of transactions and communication to help build a case and track down the scammers. These fund recovery reports are an essential first step.

Fund recovery service companies have a database filled with fraud cases and information on brokers and fraudulent organizations. They can more easily track down these parties because they see specific patterns that will lead them to the culprit. Fund recovery investigations frequently show the same scams repeated in different locations.

The Fund Recovery Process

The fund recovery process can be a lengthy or short one depending on the complexity of the case. Fund recovery services consult and support clients, investigate the case, and will provide their clients with an estimate on the chances for success. Theyh will create fund recovery reports and get started pursuing the case.

The professionals will then use their knowledge, expertise, and connections in the financial space and with regulatory authorities in efforts to retrieve the clients’ funds. They will launch a fund recovery investigation to find the scammers. 

Financial recovery services return millions of dollars to clients every year, but they seldom can provide a full guarantee of success. Fraud is a complicated business and even many law enforcement officials have trouble tracking down scam artists. Using the services of Trader Defense Advisory will certainly increase your chances of getting your money back more dramatically than attempting it alone.

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Consulting with Trader Defense Advisory is not just a good idea, it can make the difference between getting your funds back and giving up on getting a refund. Although there are not always guarantees of getting a full refund, Trader Defense Advisory can greatly improve your chances for success. 

Our professionals have the expertise and the connections to negotiate on your behalf and track down the scam artists. We also create fund recovery reports and investigations to make it easier to track the fraudulent party and locate your funds. 

Talk to our professionals and get started on the process of fund recovery from a scam broker or a fraudulent merchant. The scam artists tend to act quickly so get started on the process of tracking them down today.