What is Fund Recovery?

If you have lost money in a forex scam or as the result of a broker dispute, fund recovery is likely a high priority. However, there are those who give up hope of seeing their money again after they have lost it as the result of a forex or broker scam. 

There is no reason to be despondent because with the help of professionals you can create a broker complaint, seek redress from regulators and authorities and apply strategies that make it easier to catch those who are responsible. Best of all, the chances of fund recovery have never looked brighter. 

Although there is no guarantee that you will retrieve all of your funds, fund recovery experts have the tools, the expertise, and the technology to unmask the most inscrutable scam artists.

Trader Defense Advisory experts will help you evaluate whether an opportunity is legit or fake. If you have lost money to a loan scam, contact TDA experts who are experienced in dealing with all types of scams and can help you seek justice after a forex trading scam, bitcoin scam, or a broker dispute.

What Does Fund Recovery Involve?

Although fund recovery is a realistic goal for many people, it does require an understanding of the process as well as patience. There are many moving parts to tracking down forex scams and crypto scams and many parties involved in the process. 

In addition, it may take weeks or months before the issue is resolved. Therefore, it is important not to give up hope if there isn’t an instant answer. 

The fund recovery process requires a number of steps, including:

  • Consultation
  • Case Assessment
  • Filing a Complaint
  • Involving with authorities and regulators
  • Negotiation
  • Fund Recovery

Typically, the process begins with a free consultation with Trader Defense Advisory experts. We talk to prospective clients about their situation and get an idea of the basic outlines of the situation. From here, we can advise on what is needed for the next step. 

Our experts will always give honest feedback and indicate if there is a case we won’t be able to resolve. It is not worthwhile to waste time or raise the clients’ hopes in cases such as this. However, once fund recovery experts decide to take on the case, they will try their utmost to reach the goal of fund recovery. 

When a case has been accepted, the next step is case assessment. The client will be asked to present all of the evidence to help in fund recovery. This means the identity of the broker or company, a record of what happened, screenshots, supporting documents, and copies of the communication. When the fund recovery experts can create a full picture of what happened from beginning to end, it can help the fund recovery process go more smoothly. 

After data assessment, the fund recovery experts contact law enforcement, government authorities, regulators, and other parties to track down the scam brokers or sham companies. This can take some time and requires investigation. 

The advantage of working with a company such as Trader Defense Advisory is that they have a strong working relationship with authorities, banks, and regulators and are familiar with their procedures and methods. In addition, since they work with these parties on many occasions, they have built up a kind of rapport that an individual does not have. 

This is the part of the fund recovery process that can take the most time. First, the authorities and the fund recovery experts work together to track down the forex scam or bitcoin scam. This is often difficult, but since many of these fraudsters often run several illegal operations they often leave traces. 

This is why it is important always to file a complaint and seek recourse because your report can assist the authorities to track down someone who has stolen money from thousands of people. Sometimes it comes down to one or two details from the most recent complaint that can make the difference between a scam broker getting caught or getting away with it. 

When the scam and the people behind it have been identified and dealt with, there is often a negotiation with the financial authorities about returning the money. If it is through a credit card, there will be a chargeback, which involves the fund recovery experts negotiating with the issuing bank. In the case of a wire recall, there will be a refund required. 

Cryptocurrency is complicated but there has been some success in fund recovery with digital coins. Although many believe the blockchain is entirely anonymous, it is only anonymous to those who are not experienced at fund recovery. 

There are ways of unmasking bitcoin and crypto scams and advanced technology and strategies are making the process easier. Every time fraudsters innovate, fund recovery companies such as Trader Defense Advisory stay a step ahead and have a track record of success tracking scams.

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What Are the Chances of Fund Recovery?

Although there isn’t hard data concerning the actual success of fund recovery, since it depends on whether only total or partial recoveries are counted as “successful.” the prospects of fund recovery look brighter than in the past.

In the early days of the internet, the “bad guys” and the hackers seemed to have the upper hand whereas now the “good guys” have shown what they can do with disruptive technology. There are many high-profile news stories about scammers attempting to use ransomware or forex trading scams that rob people of millions only to be caught and the funds returned to their rightful owners. 

No fund recovery service can guarantee absolute success. There are too many factors, too many parties involve and too much uncertainty to put a hard number on such a prediction. However, TDA has a proven track record of fund recovery success and can use its expertise on your behalf to help you seek justice after a forex trading scam or crypto scam.

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